Fathers Day Gift

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The Cubs will make a Fathers Day Fridge magnet from an empty 'Pringle tube'


Empty Pringles tube
Pinking Shears
Computer Paper
Thick paper/card
Heavy Cardboard
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Paper Glue (PVA)
Box Cutter
Hole Punch


First cut your Pringles container down the side with scissors or box cutter. An adult will have to help if you are using a box cutter. Cut off the bottom of the pringles can and open up the silver cardboard. Next, cut the silver cardboard in half. Then cut the half sheets in half until you have 8 pieces. You only need 1 of these pieces to make your saw blade.
Get your pinking shears and cut the zigzag shape at the bottom of your saw blade. On the top of the saw blade cut a diagonal line so the top of the blade slopes down. Now your saw blade is done. Save the scrap pieces of your silver cardboard and use the hole punch and punch out two holes in it. These two holes will be the rivets on the handle of your saw.
Next draw a handle on a heavy piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Then with a box cutter cut out the inside of the handle. An adult might want to do this part. Now you have to glue your handle to the saw blade. On the side of the handle there will be a little opening, put hot glue along the inside of the cardboard then put the saw blade into the glue. Hot glue the rivets on top of the handle and now your saw is done.
Now you have to make your message for your saw. I wrote Best Dad I Ever "Saw". If you can get hold of some A4 sheets of sticky labels then you could get about 24 from an A4 sheet..
Cut out the message and then make your frame around the message you made with some colored heavy paper/card. Make this a little bigger than your message. You could glue these two things together with PVA glue or hot glue. Then glue your message onto the saw blade.
On the back of your saw hot glue on the magnet and you're done.
Hobbycraft sell magnets, you can get them on a strip http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/stix2-self_adhesive-magnetic-tape-3-metres/606215-1000 or ceramic ones http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/stix-ceramic-magnetic-discs-15-pack/606210-1000


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