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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team.
Have a wide game based on the local beach, stream or river. This will require some prior preparation but depending on the location the following ideas may be suitable for adapting the game.
Make up a story reflecting the history of the area or something of significance


As needed for your story line.



The mighty miniature marauders (they stand only 4cm high and are related to the swimming ant family) have been ship wrecked at Cockle Bay beach while searching for new territories. It is up to you and your patrol to help them be on their way. Unfortunately some of the mighty marauders were injured during the wrecking. Make some stretchers out of natural materials to transport these marauders to the local first aid post. Build them accommodation on the beach so they can stay for a while as they attempt to repair their craft. Prepare a healthy mix of marauder food for their dinner. Build a new ship for them before setting them off on their way.


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