Cubs - Home Help Challenge

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Are your Cubs domestic gods/goddesses? By the end of this session they will be!
Introducing the elements for the Cubs Home Help badge in a fun and interactive way - for follow up and completion at home


Home Help sheets & pens - explain rating system: 1 is low/worst, 5 is high/best
Floor cleaning equipment - hoover, dust pan & brush, hand held hoover, manual hoover ("tools" can easily be adjusted for vinyl/wooden floors)
Surface cleaning equipment - table, cloths, sprays, paper towels (again can be adjusted to suit chosen surface)
Bedding - duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillowcase, stopwatch.
Laundry symbol sheet x 2
Washing up - bowls, gloves, washing up liquid, apron, some things to wash up, wash cloths, tea towels
Kitchen safety quiz sheets & pens


Give each Cub one Home Help sheet and a pen. Split into 6 groups
Set up 6 bases and rotate groups every 10 minutes or so
Bases are:
(1) Testing & rating ways to clean a carpet
(2) Testing & rating ways to clean a table
(3) Testing & rating ways to wash up
(4) How far can a Cub get putting a duvet cover & pillowcase on in 1 minute
(5) Domestic god/goddess laundry symbol quiz.
(6) Talking about how to cook safely


  • cleaning
  • Home help
  • kitchen safety
  • Washing Up

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