Action Master

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A copycat game, where the detective has to work out who is leading the actions




-Sit all YP in a circle.
-Choose one YP to be the Detective. They should leave the room, face the wall, or close their eyes.
-Without speaking, you should choose another YP to be the 'Action Master'.
-The Action Master must start some actions, which everybody else must copy.
-The Detective is then allowed back into the room and must stand in the middle of the circle. They have 3 guesses to work out who is leading the actions.
-The Action Master should change the action that they are doing regularly.

The best actions are ones which involve the YP sitting down and remaining in the circle.
Ideally repeat until all YP have had a turn (or remember which ones haven't, for next time)


  • circle game
  • detective

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