Auckland Orienteering SummerNav

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Take part in an Auckland Orienteering Summer Nav evening, held in a different park each week in summer.


Calendar and more information at
Wear shoes for running, bring raincoats if needed.
Maps and clipcards are provided.
CORA-AP, SAP, first aid kit


Arrive in time to start between 5:30 and 6:45
$30 for group, map each provided. Please contact them beforehand to give approximate numbers coming.
Pick a course length appropriate to the groups ability (4 is easiest, best for beginners)
The club can provide someone to do a quick briefing for the girls, just ask.
Fill in clip cards with Patrol name, Unit name, the destination letters and planned start times before they start.
Send round the course in patrols (or Rangers may wish to go alone).
Add finish times and staple clip cards to the course strings on the back of the caravan at the end, so they are included in the results email.


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