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Challenge girls to identify ways they can keep to the Environmental Care Code and Outdoor Safety Code while out and about

- Learn what the Outdoor Safety Code and Environmental Care Code is

- Supported by GGNZ National Programme Team


A4 card or folder with the Environmental Care Code on one side and the Outdoor Safety Code on the other.


At the beginning of each meeting where you are in the outdoors have the girls gather round and discuss ways they can keep each code, in relation to where you are that night.
Gives you a chance to focus on different risks and vulnerabilities in different places, and give specific instructions about what they need to remember to be careful of that evening - staying together, traffic, avoiding that wasp nest over there!
You can then refer back to the codes in relation to things you do and don't do during that evening.
By doing this all term every time we have girls new to Outdoor Basics all the Guides get good at thinking about these things.

Other suggestions to get to know the Outdoor Safety Code and Environmental Care Code:

- Taking the Outdoor Safety Code, cut it up and hide it around the outside of your meeting place, extra fun if it is dark as girls can use their torches! Make it a race by challenging the girls to find all the pieces in a time frame given. Extra element for visual element - also hide the pictures from 'Safety Code Pictures' as well, girls match to the code

- Take the Environmental Care Code and use for a game of ladders - give out a code to each pair - playing the game gives lots of opportunity for the girls to hear the code repeatedly

- Go over the Environment Care Code, patrols create a skit to show following the code - other patrols can guess after the presentation which codes they have shown in action


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