Rubbish Collection Walk

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Collect rubbish as service in your community while playing a fun game.


Gloves (2 per girl)
Plastic Bags (2 per group)
Big Black Rubbish Bags
Scavenger Hunt Checklists


Take a walk around your community streets. Write a list of things for the girls to find along the way, including pieces of rubbish. In groups the girls will need gloves and two plastic bags, one for rubbish and one for recycling. The can pick up rubbish on their walk while looking to check items off their list.
Ideas: Drink Can, 5 pieces of plastic, cigarette butt, 2 glass bottles, 3 acorns, a broken wall, something purple, a falling object that isn't a leaf etc.
At the end, discuss what kinds of rubbish they found. How much can be recycled? What would have happened to the rubbish if they hadn't picked it up?


  • community action
  • community project
  • rubbish
  • scavenger Hunt

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