Fundraising Activity (General)

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Pick something to make or do to raise funds for a charity. Log Chew to get the young people to think about which charity and what it means. Work together to think about ideas of ways to raise money or give time to charity.


Craft or Baking Items - enthusiasm!


Log Chew to discuss what charity means, get ideas for fundraising.
Good idea to get the children to think about different charities, and offer opportunity to get them to be active and really make a difference.
We are combining this activity with a local charity, and one which ties in with the Million hands Project, and Disability Awareness badge work.
Once decided, create bases to do one or more activities and swap over at agreed times.
We chose to create little favour boxes and fill with sweets to sell (peppermint creams to make and shape into hearts and dip into chocolate, and also some foil wrapped chocolate hearts). Because we were doing this wth a younger group, I made up the favour boxes first (as they were a bit tricky even for me!) so they had one each to fill. The young people then inserted the sweets into them, and helped (to varying degrees!) to tie the ribbon. The other base we did was to make greeting cards (Easter Cards on this occasion). In the previous weeks the Beavers were tasked with helping parents to take some winter/spring photos and email them to me. I printed out a couple of hundred of these and bought some white card kits (about £12 from amazon for 200 good quality white card/envelopes). In all I spent about £50 on the ingredients, box materials, photos, cards, cello wrap and tape. We made £120 on the first sell after church and after the session so it's been well worth the effort. I have about 80 cards left to sell at the point of writing this.


  • baking
  • charity Fundraising
  • Easter Cards
  • Favour Boxes
  • log Chew
  • mothers day
  • Peppermint Creams

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