Fire Lighting V2

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After collecting some dry wood and running through Safety. Allow the Cubs to experiment with different ways of lighting Fires


Dry Wood, Tinder, Flint and Steel, Lighter, Matches, Fire Piston.


(could be Leaders) will have laminated simple answers to fire safety questions. A 3rd adult will read aloud a fire safety question. The first person in each Six will need to run to the Adult they believe is holding the correct answer. Six with most winning points will win. This is not a race getting the answer right is more important. Need to make sure laces are tied and no obstacles in Cubs way.
After this game we will show Cubs the basic items needed to get a fire started. How to assemble, light them and extinguish them.

We will then go outdoors for each Cub to get a turn to perform this activity. We will do the activity in Sixes. One Adult supervising each Six. Leave sufficient space between the Sixes to avoid risk of Cubs being burned. Each Cub should build their Starter fire. Once all are built Adult will systematic go from Cub to Cub to help them start their fire either with the Flint or match. Flint and match only used to start fire, always strike away from the body and never towards any other people. Demonstrate the spark given off by the flint and the danger of spark getting into eyes. Once each fire lit Cub can add a small amount of combustible material but must keep their starter fire under control. Once all fires started we will then show them how to extinguish their fire such that they see no burning or smouldering embers. Show cubs the best way to find and prepare Tinder, Show how tools work and allow them to try out the various techniques under supervision.


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