Firelighting - indoor theory session

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Session to explore the safety side of firelighting, as well as the theory behind choosing tinder and how to build a fire.
This can take place indoors perhaps in bad weather so that less time needs to be spent on it when you eventually can get outside!


Different examples of tinder, kindling and firewood - enough wood for each six to make a small demonstration fire.


SAFETY - personal safety: clothing (not flammable, scarves tucked in, trailing clothes and long hair tied back).
Importance of water bucket and how to deal with burns.
Think about where to locate your fire (away from tents, not too close to trees, prepare site so won't catch grass alight)

HOW A FIRE BURNS: three elements - fuel/heat/oxygen. Need to keep matches/tinder and wood dry.

Show the difference between wet and dry wood (i.e. wood cut from a tree and dead wood)
Talk about starting with small pieces of wood that burn easily - get Cubs to grade some wood into the order in which you'd add them to a fire
Show different types of tinder - natural and manmade. Perhaps have a quiz with some items that don't burn well (wet leaves, grass)
Practise lighting matches.
Mention that for cooking you need hot embers not a flamey fire
Talk about how to extinguish a fire and why you would do so.

Demo different styles of fire - tripod, star, criss cross, wind break and why you would use each type.
get each six to make a practise fire


  • fire lighting
  • Fire Safety

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