GGNZ - Race to the South Pole - Wide Game

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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team -
Use the theme of a race to the South Pole as the basis for a wide game.


As per the activities you choose for the game.


Define an area as the ‘South Pole’. Lay an obstacle course between the start line and the ‘South Pole’ or provide a code/orienteering course so that patrols have to find their way to the ‘South Pole’ rather than walking straight to it. The obstacle course may be a mixture of physical and mental challenges, badge clauses, progression clauses, fun activities.

Encourage teamwork, rather than winners or losers - there could be prizes for the best teamwork displayed etc
Define and manage the risks of the activity.
Define boundaries before the activity starts and make sure everyone is aware of them.


  • wide game

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