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Use a local shopping area to find answers to wide game clues.


Question cards for shops.
Corresponding sheets for girls.


1. Deliver answers/clues cards to retailers to display in their shop window on Guide night.
2. Give girls a sheet with question on them.
3. Girls go and look in the windows of shops to see if they can match the answers to the questions.
4. Combine with a fish and chip night and they can watch how these night workers handle and cook everyone’s food.

Girls go around town and find answers to various questions, eg bank hours, library hours for the week, doctor and his hours etc.

Have a challenge night between two units or with local scout troop.

1. Girls to pick up their next set of directions from shops that are open at night, eg dairies, video shops, supermarket, Police Station, local fire station etc.
2. For more of a challenge, push a wheelbarrow with someone in it at all times, while two others carry a plank of wood and two cans.
3. Include instructions occasionally asking them to make a human pyramid using the cans and plank.


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