Top 10 Creative Ways to Recycle CD's

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Old CD's plus any other materials needed for your recycling project.


10. Reflectors. Attach old CDs to your mailbox or attach them to stakes to mark the end of your driveway.
9. Candle decor. Set small candles on CDs–shiny side up; it will reflect the flames and double your ambiance.
8. Clocks. Use old CDs to make funky clocks. Use this how-to as inspiration.
7. Postcards. Glue paper over the printed side of the CD–decorate as desired–and then address the reflective side with a Sharpie, attach a 44 cent stamp for a funky greeting card or invitation.
6. Disco ball. Follow these easy instructions and get ready to shake your bootie.
5. Carpet protectors. Slip old CDs under the feet of your furniture to protect your carpet.
4. Make a memory. Perfect for scrap-bookers, check out this tutorial on making a charming–and durable–memory book from old CDs.
3. Scare crows. Attach CDs to stakes, or better yet, make mobiles out of them and dangle them from tree branches near or over your garden to scare critters away.
2. Window treatment. Drill small holes near the edges of a bunch of CDs. String them together with large rings–memory wire split rings would work great. Hang from additional rings from a rod for a very contemporary window valance.
And the number 1 way creative way to recycle CDs....
Make hover crafts. According to ‘Anonymous’ at, ‘Glue a sports drink pull top over the hole in the middle of the CD. Make sure to leave the hole open. When glue is dry blow up a balloon and place it on the pull top. The CD with balloon [will] fly over a smooth surface.’



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