Shark Attack

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A game similar to off ground tig, but without the the actual tig part or somebody chasing them, you can also play this on a climbing wall which is where i saw it.


Mats if you have them (to go behind the bench)


1.You have a bench at one end of the room, with a mat just behind it (incase anyone falls off)
2. The Beavers/cubs sit on the floor at the other end of the room and then when they hear Shark attack must stand up and run to jump on the bench. It can only be shark attack, you can say Attack or Shark to put them off before you say shark attack.
3. The last Beaver/cub there is eliminated, this includes if they touch the floor after they stand on the bench.
4. As you get down to the last few you can mix it up a bit i.e. they have to be laid on their back, front, or back facing the bench or have to hop their and if they flinch when you say attack or shark as a dummy call then they're out as well.


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