Digital Maker Stage 1-3 game development

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Digital Maker Stages 1 and 2 have an element of game design, which is not needed to be done on a computer. Each stage is a development of the previous one and this allows for all abilities to work towards it. It involves designing a game, actiing it out, recording it, and developing pseudo code to make it.


Pens, paper, video camera, props (optional) by


Play a favourite game. Ask the scouts what makes a good game- a winning condition, clear easy instructions, rules, at least one player, progression (getting harder) etc. (10-15mins)
Tell the scouts that each patrol or six is to design a digital game for a younger section to teach them about a scout skill or activity. For example, it could be about how to build a good fire. (5 mins)
Ask them to pick their favourite idea and then start to make up the rules, instructions, objective etc. (5-10 mins)
Once they've decided on this, give them 5-10 minutes to come up with a role play demonstrating their game and a short explanation. This can be creative as they like! If you wish these can be performed to each other. Video each one- these can be uploaded to a computer by the scouts themselves (covering part 1 of stages 1 and 2), and perhaps included on a website if/when they are doing part 3.
This process will have developed an overview for each game. Next, tell them that game designers have to break it down into smaller parts and often focus on just one level or sequence to begin with. Ask them to pick a small part and think about in detail what's going to happen in that part. Ask them to write it out in a list of instructions for the player. (10 mins)
The hard bit comes next- ask the scouts to think about what the computer will have to do at each point. If the player, say, moves a ball to the correct part of the screen to score a goal, then the computer needs to know where this is and add on a point when it happens. Write these instructions out - this is pseudocode! (10 mins)


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