True or False

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Can be used as a fun way to test Scouts' knowlege. We use it for basic Membership Badge stuff as well as any other learning follow-ups


3-4 benches (optional)
list of true/false questions


Benches are laid out across the hall, dividing the hall in half
All Scouts stand on the benches
One end of the hall is designated the True end and the other the False end
Leader call a true or false question and Scouts have to run to the right end depending on the right answer.
All those that end up on the wrong end are out and have to sit on the benches
All those that go to the right end can stay in and go back to stand on the benches for the next question.
Winner is last Scout left standing

Note 1: if no benches, use something else to mark the middle
Note 2: if there is too much hesitation, the last person to get to the correct end can also be out



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