Tin Can Constellation Patterns

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Make a way to identify some constellations

from http://usscouts.org/bbugle/bb0611/bb_packdenactivities.html


Empty “tin cans” washed, filled with water and frozen
Nails or awl for punching holes


First freeze water in the cans, before you try to hammer nails into them.
By having ice in the cans, the bottoms of the cans will not bend as easily and you can make more accurate patterns.
Enlarge one the patterns to fit the end of the can that is still attached
Tape the pattern piece to the can or draw the constellation on the can using the pattern as a stencil
Punch holes in the can where the stars are
After punching the holes, let the ice melt and pour out the water.
Shine bright flash lights through the cans toward a ceiling in a dark room.


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