Leave No Trace - Plan Ahead and Prepare Activity

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Plan Ahead and Prepare Activity. Guides pick the items they need to wear or carry from the list provided for a variety of potential outings. This is a Leave no Trace activity as well as being good planning practice!

This game will be easily modified for your own needs.


Pen and paper. Copy of the attachment for each patrol.


What to bring in your backpack?
In patrols plan ahead and prepare what each Guide would need to wear or carry in their own backpack for each of the following outings:
1. Going for a hike on a well marked trail.
2. Going to Dundrum shopping centre, maybe to the cinema.
3. Going to the seaside on a science outing with school.
4. Taking part in a treasure hunt in a local park at a district event.
5. Regional orienteering event in the Phoenix Park.
6. Weekend camping in Lough Dan, Co Wicklow.
7. Going to the beach for a full day in very hot weather.
8. Going sledding after it has just snowed.
9. A weekend in the Guide Cottage in Enniskerry.
10. Campfire at the beach with the local Senior Branch unit.


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