Wreath making, coracle style

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Make a wreath from leafy branches by placing them in a circle of uprights and wrapping ribbon, for ANZAC or Remembrance day, or as a Christmas decoration.


Skewers or sticks
Leafy green branches - camellia branches work well
Other decorations as required
Two different sized basins or large plates as templates


Place a circle of upright sticks in the ground round the larger basin. Place another circle about 5cm inside the first one.
Layer and overlap the branches in between the two circles, curving them in so they make a nice even ring.
Wrap the ribbon around the branches to hold them together until you've gone round the wreath 2-3 times, it may help to go in both directions.
Lift the wreath out and check it will stay together, if it won't, wrap more ribbon round it.
Decorate as appropriate with poppies, flowers, decorations etc.
If for an ANZAC or Remembrance Day ceremony you may wish to put a label saying "Lest We Forget" or "We will Remember".

Attachment shows the coracle making technique we used to make our much smaller wreath


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