Make a Travel Bug

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Make a travel bug and place it in a Geocache, then track where it goes


Travel bug tag (buy from )
Something to use as your item - some sort of mascot or badge that you would like to have travel with the bug. This may be an item chosen in advance, or something the group create on the spot.
Online access
A geocache to leave it in


In advance, buy a travel bug tag from
As a group decide on and create a bug to tag and send journeying.
Take a photo of it!
Pick a goal for your travel bug.
Activate the tag at
Attach the tag to your item.
Find a geocache and place your travel bug in it (make sure it's a suitable cache, not all caches have room for or allow extra items).
Log that you have left the bug in the cache.
Keep track of where your travelbug has gone by checking

Travel Bug FAQ

GirlGuidingNZ Guide Geocacher Unit Badge Activity 7 "Describe what a travel bug is. Release a unit travel bug, give it a goal, and register it on the geocaching website. Take a photo of it before it leaves."


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  • geocache
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  • gps
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  • travel bug
  • Treasure Hunting

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