Music Quiz

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Scouts will hear a small part of a song and in groups of four, they will have to correctly identify the title of the song and the artists name. Each group will have an answer sheet. The groups should consist of 2 scouts from the 12th and 2 scouts from the 9th to get the scouts talking and interacting with each other. The group numbers can be changed around according to the amount of scouts we have altogether.


+Answer sheet
+Speakers or CD player
+1st,2nd&3rd place prizes


The Scouts will hear about 10 seconds of a song and they will have to correctly identify the name and artist of the song, there will be older songs to make it a little difficult and there will be recent popular songs. They will hear the 10 seconds of the song 3 times and will discus the answer in their groups. In total there will be around 30 songs for the scouts to listen to. We will count up the answers of each group and at the end of the meeting, we will give out the prizes. While we count up the answers, the scouts can play a team game.



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