Rainbow Fish

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Use the story of The Rainbow Fish to talk about sharing and what makes us happy. Follow by making salt dough rainbow fish.


1 cup flour
0.5 cup of luke warm water
0.5 cup of salt
few drops of green/blue food colouring - it will dry much lighter than you think!
1 tbsp. glitter
googly eyes
sequins and/or buttons
fish cookie cutter (optional)
The Rainbow Fish story


1. Mix all the dry ingredients together
2. Add lukewarm water and mix/need until smooth and no lumps
3. Cut in to fish shape or construct a fish shape
4. Use pencil or straw to make a hole (for ribbon/string when dry)
5. Add googly eye
6. Add sequins and/or buttons for scales - make sure that you stick the decorations in to the dough and not just place on top of the dough. Aim for scales sticking up!

Leave to air dry - this can take a while - days or even or weeks depending on the air. Make sure that you add the right amount of salt as this helps dry out the flour and water mix. Alternatively you can oven bake at a low temperature and glue on sequins etc afterwards (don't put plastic decorations in the oven!).


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