Jelly Beans Game

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Physical Game to help with Memory, Actions, Listening and use their imagination




French Bean = Ooh La La
Runner Bean = Children run round the hall
Frozen Beans = Children Freeze on the Spot
Jumping Beans = Children Jump Around
Baked Beans = Hands on their Head/Act out they are Too HOT
Broad Bean= Children Stretch their body to make them Bigger
Jelly Bean= Shake your body like a bowl for Jelly
String Bean = Stretch body really straight and walk on tippy toes
Bean Buddies= Children find a partner
Mr. Bean = walk funny around the room

Leader Call out a command and children act out the command.

This is a great game where leaders can add to the list of commands and use some creativity

Can be run as a team game or a knock out game


  • running
  • team building

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