Armenia: Egg Jousting

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For American kids, egg hunts are a big part of the Easter celebration. Armenian children have a different tradition that pits hard-boiled egg against egg in a silly jousting competition.

Firstly eggs are coloured with designs of the players choosing.

How to Play: Facing each other, the players pairs gently tap the small end of their eggs together until the end of one egg cracks.
Next, they joust with the large end of their eggs. Hard-boiled eggs can withstand three to four "hits" before cracking, and maybe more depending on the tapping force.
Testers say the two eggs do not crack at the same time; in all cases, only one of the eggs will crack.
Jousting continues until a winner is determined.


What You'll Need: A hard-boiled egg for each player.


Make sure the eggs are hard boiled. No really this is very important.


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