The Mug Of Tea Game

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A creative game that gets teams of 4 - 7 working together to use a trangia stove to either make a mug of tea, cook a hot dog or make an omelet.

Hot Dog version added 22nd Sept 2017
Omelet version added Nov 2023


1 Trangia Stove
1 Burner for the stove (filled with meths) or Gas
1 mug
1 tea bag
1 teaspoon
1 match box with 4 matches
1 small pot of milk
1 water supply
Pencil and clipboard

or if doing Hot dog version or omelet see attached


Before the activity:
- Ensure some of the young people have prior knowledge of using the stove
- Set up your trading post (a kitchen is a good place if you have one)
- Hand a copy the attached sheets (on a clip board) to each group of young people

During the activity:
- You will need to have all the items listed in the equipment list ready to hand out. Have the meths burners already filled with fuel, and hand the bits of equipment out separately as prescribed by the sheet.
- Carry out a safety briefing on the use of methylated spirit stoves before you start the activity
- If possible have two people manning the trading post. Teams rarely arrive one at a time
- At the end of the game, you should have had plenty of tea, and don't forget to add up all the scores - and announce the winner


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