WAGGGS (Jigsaw Puzzles)

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Jigsaw Puzzle Relay


Print, laminate and cut out the files attached

If you have lots of girls, you may wish to print two copies of each.


1) Split Girls into two/four groups (depending how many copies of files you have)
2) Place jigsaw pieces at one end of the hall (to make it harder, mix up pieces for flag and badge together)
3) Have girls sit in a line in their teams.
4) One at a time girls can run to the end of the hall: pick up a piece, bring it back and place it in the appropriate place
5) Once that girl is finished, she tags the next girl.

Swap the jigsaws once finished so all girls have a turn at both.

Alternatively you could have girls work co-cooperatively in a circle together to create the puzzle


  • jigsaw
  • puzzle
  • relay game
  • world badge
  • world flag

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