Bottle Bug Hotel

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Create a bug hotel using a plastic bottle, string, garden canes and sticks


2Lt plastic bottle - washed
garden canes cut to size
Garden string


What to do:
Step 1: Ask an adult to cut the top and
bottom of your plastic bottle so you have a
nice tube shape.
Step 2. Ask and adult to cut the canes, long
enough so they just fit inside your bottle, you
don’t want them hanging out at the ends.
Step 3: Put the canes into your bottle, make
sure you pack them in well so they don’t fall
Step 4: Tie some string around the bottle so
you can hang it up.
Step 5: Hang the bottle outside in a tree or
on a fence, in the shade is best.
Step 6: You could try putting other things
into the bottle, like sticks or rolled up
cardboard, and see if you get dierent
beasties visiting your bug hotel.



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