Inter Patrol Challenge

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Set of tasks to do in each patrol. PLs have to ensure everyone does at least one challenge taking advantage of the variety of skills and expertise in the patrol. Points awarded per challenge and for overall teamwork. Patrol with most points wins.


juggling balls/beanbags
ropes for knot practise
skipping ropes
copies of Scout Law
One or two flags


Leader reads out/provides the list of challenges
Need to make it clear that everyone in the patrol must do at least one
PLs to determine who is the best placed to do it ensuring everyone has a turn
Give 10-15 minutes to practice and decide who is to do which challenge.
PLs to write this down on the sheet and hand back to Leaders (optional)
Each challenge at a time is demonstrated in front of the rest of the Troop
Leaders to award points


  • getting to know you
  • Team, challange
  • teamwork
  • teamwork, icebreaker

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