Cup communication

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From the Mission Spectacular badge - Take the lead

Test out different leadership skills and discover that being a good leader involves
strong communication, active listening and negotiation as well as many other


You will need
 Six paper/plastic cups (with no handles)
 A strong elastic band (back-ups might be a good idea)
 Six pieces of string, roughly 50cm long


Put the girls into small groups of between four and six. Each group will need
an area on the floor roughly 2m squared. Give each group six cups, an elastic
band and six pieces of string. Read out all of the instructions below before
the girls start the activity.

1. Place the cups upside down within the activity space and spread them
out – they should be at least 10cm apart.
2. Now tightly tie one end of each piece of string on to the elastic
band. Make sure the pieces of string are evenly spaced.
3. Once all the string is attached, place the elastic band around the
middle of one of the cups.
4. Each person in the group should now hold on to the end of one of
the strings. If there are fewer than six people on any given
team, some team members may have to hold more than one
string (but this does make it a bit easier). No one is allowed
to touch the elastic band or any of the cups – even if a cup
falls over or rolls away.
5. As a team, use the device you’ve made with the cup, elastic
band and string to pick up the other cups and place them on
top of each other to form a pyramid shape.

The groups can do this as a race all at the same time, or take
turns and time themselves!

Once all the groups have completed their pyramids, ask the girls to reflect on the following
 Did they work well as a team? Why or why not?
 How well did they communicate as a team?
 Who demonstrated clear communication skills or
listening skills?
 What challenges did they experience?


  • team building

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