Blindfold Guide - Taking the Lead

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A look at how to become a more effective team. Teams guide a blindfolded team mate through a series of puzzles/games. Taken from updated Taking the Lead guide -


Jigsaw puzzle, set of clothing, childrens puzzles, noughts and crosses etc.


Blindfolded guide: Divide yourselves into two teams,
choosing one person to be the blindfolded member
within each team. Create a circle in the middle of the
meeting place; in the circle place items to complete
various activities such as a jigsaw puzzle set, an outfit
(t-shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, hat, gloves, scarf, and
jacket) tea set, coloured balls etc.
The blindfolded individual is guided by their teammates
to collect each item, one by one, before being guided as
to how to assemble/complete the activity (ie put the
puzzle together, put on clothing). The team can only call
out directions and hints and tips to the blindfolded team
member and cannot touch them at any stage.

As a team, review how you worked together:
Did somebody take the lead?
If so, how was that leader identified?
How did the rest of the team respond to the leader?
How did the leader use his/her team?
Did everyone in the team have a defined role or task?
If not, do you think you would have worked differently
with a leader?


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