No Sew Heart Pillow

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Added by GGNZ Programme Team. No Sew Heart Pillow, Mothers Day idea.


Felt or similar (Polar Fleece)
Erasable pen or chalk
Paper/Cardboard for template


First take a regular A4 sheet of paper and drew a heart on it. This is the paper template you will use to cut your heart out. Then draw a second heart in the middle of the paper. Now cut out the felt heart shapes as seen in the photo above. We stacked both sheets of felt on top of one another so when we cut them out from the template they would be exactly the same.
Next we traced the inside heart on the felt with an erasable pen. The erasable pen required a little wet towel to wipe off. Chalk would also work. You are tracing the inside heart because you need to know where to stop cutting your strips at.
Next, start cutting strips around the outside of the heart (as seen in the photos). Tips: We recommend to start cutting at the bottom of the heart where the point is so that I could make sure the bottom was not off centered. We also made sure to cut the strips very thin to make sure my fingers could tie it in a knot. The thicker the strips the harder it was to tie a knot. The strips below are cut 1/4 inch wide (approx. 6mm). Recommend overhand knot.
Finish tying the ends but when you are almost 75% done be sure to leave a little opening for a hand full of stuffing. You need very little stuffing for this project.

This project will take approx. 1 hour to complete. You make like to have the felt already cut out into heart shapes and the 2nd heart shape drawn on if you think your girls will take longer.


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