I'm A Scout Get Me Out of Here

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Similar to the TV series, I'm a celebrity get me out of here, Scouts have to do a number of tasks, which these ideas have been submitted by scouts before hand.

Ideas for tasks are listed below.

- Tasting bits of food while blindfolded
- Guessing what an item is while blindfolded i.e food, or whatever you want to :)
- See how long you can hold insect / spiders

Scouts are deducted points for failing tasks or awards points for successfully completing tasks.

Tasks are decided by the leaders of the group and the scouts are not told what these tasks are, until the scouts take part in the each particular task.
Scouts can give ideas in the weeks before hand, but final tasks are not known to Scouts until the task is about to start.


Resources required are dependant on what tasks have been agreed on by the leaders




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