Puppet show

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Each lodge is given a selection of hand puppets and, working as a team, must use them to put on a show to perform for the colony.


- A selection of hand puppets per lodge (at least one per participant). These could be made by the participants in previous activities or pre-bought (in my case, one of my beavers has puppetry as a hobby and has a large selection of puppets that we could use).
- A performance area/stage/puppet booth.


Each lodge is given a bag containing 10 different hand puppets. They are then given 20 minutes to come up with, and rehearse, a show using these puppets.

Each beaver in the lodge must take part in the show.
The show must tell a story of some kind - this could be an existing story (eg: a nursery rhyme/fairy tale) or can be one the lodge make up on the night.

For added challenge, allow swapping of puppets between the lodges, in order to build a particular 'cast'.

Shows to last up to 5 minutes each.



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