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8. Discuss how we can show good teamwork. Show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise (Good teamwork Donkey Story) (Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 3)


 The story (in instructions)
 Two Brownies
 Rope
 Two pretend piles of hay


This is a task to be completed. If they communicate and work together they can complete the task.

Read the story while the Brownies pretend to be the donkeys

Story: Hay Hay we’re the donkeys
Once upon a time a farmer had 2 donkeys. The donkeys were called Mandy and Sandy. They went everywhere together. Well they had to they were tied to each other by a rope. One day the farmer led them into a field in which there were two piles of hay.

Mandy made straight for one, while Sandy pulled her back heading for the other. They stretched and strained but to no avail. The harder they tried the grater the resistance. They sat down exhausted,
“Why won’t you let me eat” said Mandy,
“I’m hungry too” said Sandy, “why won’t you let me eat.”
They sat thinking.

Can the Brownies help? What can the two donkeys do to give them a solution, discuss in a Pow Wow ensuring Brownies wait their turn to talk.

The solution you hope the Brownies will find is that both donkeys go to a pile of hay and both eat from it and then they both go to the second pile and both eat from it, now they are full and happy.


  • compromise
  • friendship
  • Healthy Friendship
  • IGG
  • sharing
  • Taking turns
  • team building
  • team building, sharing, compromise, friendship

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