IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 08 CHANGE

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8. Discuss how we can show good teamwork. Show examples of sharing, taking turns and compromise (Good teamwork moving chairs) (Interest Badge Brownie Healthy Friendship Option 3)


 Six chairs


This is a task to be completed by the whole Pack. If they communicate and work together as a large group they can do each instruction one after the other, and complete the task.

Divide the brownies into their 4 six groups (add an instruction if you have more sixes). Place the chairs in the middle of the room. Give each group a different instruction.

1st group – take the chairs out of the room

2nd group – line the chairs up in a straight line

3rd group – place the chairs in a circle

4th group – place the chairs in different corners of the room

Let the mayhem begin!!!!!!!!!

Let them see how long it takes to realize it is impossible without working together

Discuss what happened. No one said it was a race, it was just a task, if the groups had communicated and worked together and took turns, they could have decided to do each task one by one.


  • communication
  • compromise
  • cultural awareness
  • IGG
  • sharing
  • sharing, taking turns and compromise
  • Taking turns
  • team building
  • team building, cultural awareness, communication

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