multi team and multi base incident hike

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Incident hike where teams of up to 6 scouts per team navigate to separate bases, complete the tasks and return to a common end point.


Maps x number of teams
Compass' x number of teams
Leader per base and start/end point
Backpacking stove
1st kit per base
walkie talkies 1 per leader
tokens for completing bases
6 figure grid references for all bases in order x number of teams


In teams of no more than 6 scouts all teams meet at a common starting point.
The leader in charge will give out the instruction to the teams and explain that they must navigate to each base as per the instructions (in order) and complete a challenge at each base. Each member of the team should take a turn in navigating but the team leader should make sure that they are happy with the decision that each team make. Teams should have a different order of bases from each other so that no two tems are at the same base at the same time.
Once the team has arrived at a base they must

1. Arrive as a team
2. Identify which team they are.
3. be able to show on the map where they think they are.
4. complete the challenge as per the instruction of the base runner
5. tidy up the base
6. identify to the base runner on the map where their next base is.
7. collect their token if they were successful
8. leave for the next base
Once a team has completed all the bases then they head to the 'home location' and again complete 1. 2. and 3. from above.

Suggested bases
1. 1st aid emergency response - the team find an injured person (cut, concussion, exposure) and treat them accordingly. e.g. assess for danger to themselves or others, simulate calling for help, try to get a response from the injured party, treat any injury/condition they feel that the injured person is suffering from.
2. problem solve - the team identify a radioactive substance that is about to go critical. There is an exclusion zone that they cannot enter but have to remove the radioactive material from the exclusion zone.
Leader note - place a billie/Dixie in side a roped off circle. provide other material for the team to use, rope, pole etc. The simplest way would be to place a single rope double over around the billie/Dixie and whist until the container can be lifted then walked sideways until it is clear of the exclusion zone. You can provide additional material to either throw the scouts of the scent or allow them to use their own imagination to come up with a solution.
3. Navigation - if it is dark enough ask the scouts to show some night time navigation skills by locating the north star and explain which way is north/east/west/south.
4. Make a cup of tea - provide all the necessary equipment to make the base runner a cup of tea. Trangia, water, fuel, tea bag, milk etc. This could be timed or judged by taste.
5. Make a stretcher - provide staves, ropes and ask the scouts to make a stretcher to carry one of their number around a small course
or any other base ideas you have

notes for base runner
Point can be awarded for how the team complete a base, for example did they arrive as a group and identify themselves, do they know where they are on the map, did they clear away, do they know where they are going and how did they do on the challenge. Point can be communicated back to home and a prize awarded to the best team.

Note for leader in charge
Make sure that you can communicate with the base runner wither by mobile or walkie talkies.
Make sure that the scouts know the boundaries that they are not to cross. for example if using a woodland are there roads surrounding the area so that if a team come to a road they have reached a boundary and should not cross it.
Make sure that you have walked the route so that you are familiar with the area and that the leaders can locate a team should they get lost. Or even provide each team with a walkie talkie only to be used after a certain time, or GPS trackers.
Make sure that you have a 1st aid kit to hand should there be an accident.


  • 1st Aid
  • Hike
  • Incident Hike
  • Navagation
  • Problem solving

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