Bullying Paper -Pink Shirt Day

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Bully a piece of paper. See the affects it has and if you can return it to how it was before.


2 pieces of paper. One very slightly discoloured or bent.


1) Ask girls to list differences and similarities between the two pieces of paper. Ask each girl to share one item.
2) Hold up the slightly 'less perfect' piece of paper. 'Bully' it use harsh words then crumple it and drop it. Eg. "Gross, This paper looks disgusting!"
3) Pick it up and pass it on encourage them to say something mean to it. Eg. "Isn't this paper just stupid? You should say something mean to it and do this!" Again crumple it. Get all the students to have a go, passing it around, saying something mean and crumpling it. Get creative.
4) Hold both the pieces of paper up and ask each girl to list a similarity, then a difference.
5) Have each girl do this to their own piece of paper.
6) Ask them who wants a piece of paper to draw on. Offer the 'shiny, perfect' piece first. Then offer the 'bullied' one, ask "who wants this one? Why?"
7) Ask them "But didn't we all contribute to the paper looking this way? We did this... why shouldn't we use it?" "See... this is what we do to other people when we say mean and hurtful things. When we gossip or call someone ugly or fat or tell them they aren't good enough or that they can't be friends with you... we are just hurting them and causing one more crinkle.. a crinkle that while may not be obvious on it's own, it's VERY REAL and very destructive inside of them!"
8) Now ask each girl to try and mend their piece of paper. Say sorry to it, flatten it out
9) Explain that no matter what you do, the crinkles are still there, it may have healed a little but it will never be the same.
10) Ask them to journal about it on one side of the paper (5-10min)
Follow up with discussing what girls can do if they are a victim of bullying.


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