Fishing Badge (NZ cubs)

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Complete those requirements for the fishing badge that can be done inside.


Tackle box - lures, line, various hooks, knife, hook extractor, towel;
Some dead fish if you have them - perhaps some pilchards.
Information on minimum sizes and max catch for your local area
Poster charts showing local fish


Split the group into their sixes or as many groups as you have leaders / helpers.
- Explain the dangers of fishing off the banks of rivers and creeks and how to minimize the risk of injury or drowning.
- Demonstrate how to bait a hook correctly and safely and explain your choice of bait, and/or demonstrate how to choose a suitable lure and fix it to the line.
- Explain how you can avoid injuring other people with you when you are throwing your line in the river, creek or the sea.
- Demonstrate how to do this safely.
- Demonstrate how to kill a fish quickly and humanely and then remove the hook from its mouth.
- Research and then explain the types of fish and shellfish you may catch where you fish and what limits there are on the numbers caught.
- Demonstrate how to care for and store your fishing line, hooks and sinkers and rods if any so that they remain in good condition and are ready to use when you next go fishing.

Explain the other parts that also need to be completed for the badge. i.e. ability to swim, recording of a log from at least four fishing trips over two months.


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