Cops and Robbers

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Two teams trying to steal a bean bag.
with thanks to John Hemming Clark


1 bean bag


Divide the scouts into two teams and put one team at one end of the hall in a line against the wall, and the other at the other end. Number the scouts and put a bean bag in the middle of the hall. Designate one team the cops and the other team the robbers. Call a number and the robber starts moving. The cop has to copy him in everything he does, be it a twirl, a hop, lifting a leg etc. When the robber grabs the bean bag the cop needs to tag him before the robber gets back to his team otherwise the robber’s team gets a point. If the cop succeeds in tagging then the cop’s team gets the point. Don’t forget that the cop has to do everything the robber did before he grabbed the bean bag before attempting to tag the robber otherwise the robber gets the point. Return bean bag, cop and robber and call out another number. After all the cops and robbers have had a go, swap over. The team with more points at the end of the game is the winner."



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