Sixers Spotlight

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Find the glow sticks!


3 White glow sticks, 3 green glow sticks, 3 blue glow sticks, 3 red glow sticks and 3 yellow glow sticks.


The hall will be set up with tables and chairs as obstacles in the dark and all 12 glow sticks will be hidden, the cubs will start at one end of the hall and a leader will stand at the front of the hall with a torch, the cubs have to hide behind tables and chairs and get the glow sticks the the back of the room, without being hit by the torch, once they have been hit by the torch the must go back to the far wall of the hall. The first six to get all 3 of their glow sticks back to the wall wins.


  • cubs
  • Glow sticks
  • hiding
  • obstacles
  • scouts
  • spotlight

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