Parachute Games

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Collection of games for use with Parachute
supported by GGNZ Programme Team


Parachute, Ball, Small Balls?, Cut Rope or shoe laces


Cubs split into two teams, either side of parachute, soft ball placed into the centre, cubs need to work together to get the ball to off the parachute on the other teams side

Parachute Camping - 'Mushroom' the 'chute by taking a step in and lifting above your head. As the 'chute rises, pull it down behind you and sit on the edge. Nominate someone to stand in the middle as a tent pole.

Parachute Games - Programme (1/2 - 1 hr)
Mix and Match from the following activities ...

1) Warm up - just make waves
2) Mexican Wave - do a Mexican wave in a circle
3) Volley ball - split group in 1/2 , lots of small balls, lose balls on opponents side
4) Watch out for snakes as above but use small bits of rope
5) Grab Max - lots of balls, one person in middle, others making waves
1 minute to grab as many balls as possible.
6) How high can you go ! / Mushroom!
Lift High and hold
Lift High and hold, one step in
ift high and hold, let go* and float down -Space ship, not when windy
7) Pop corn- one ball in middle, flick high as possible hit the roof
8) Roll the ball - How many times can your role a ball round edge of parachute
9) Cat & mouse - Cat (above) chases mouse (below) , others make waves
10) Igloo- up high, over your head, sit down on edge. Experience person can stand in middle
Time to tell a joke
Do the washing machine, lean back an move side to side
11) Run to the other side if Colour of parachute, colour of socks, Birthday month, Wearing something greenetc, Get to the other side before the gap shuts ! Count down from 5
12) Walk round in a circle holding parachute- how fast can you go?
13) Sharks: All sit in circle with legs out straight in front under parachute, pick 2-3 kids as Sharks to go under parachute and pull others by their feet completely under (to become more sharks). Pick 2-3 "Life Guards" to move round outside of circle, rescuing others from the sharks. Reminder to pull under armpits for safety. Games finishes when no-one left to save.

Time ½ - 1 hr


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