Throw-line game

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Circle game to get YP used to getting someone's attention and working together


Ideally throw-lines, could be bean bags or similar sized objects


YP stand in a circle arms width apart. Ideally the circle will be at least 8m in diameter.
YP1 call's YP2's name on opposite side of circle and throws it.
If caught, YP2 calls YP3 and throws it, etc. It cannot be thrown back to the person who has just thrown it.
If it is not caught, both the thrower and catcher sit down and the game resumes.
The aim is to keep the game going as long as possible.

a) Once the game has become established, introduce additional throw-lines.
b) Enlarge the circle
c) Use non-dominant hand to throw
d) Line up YP in two opposing lines. Throw to person directly opposite, receiver throws to person next to the person who has just thrown it.
e) Try sitting down to emulate from a kayak, etc


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