Bullying videos/discussion

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Watch videos and discuss Bullying and what we can do about it.


What one person can do to help: http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/discuss/bystander+effect+es

Anyone Can Change: http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/discuss/break+the+cycle+es

Question Rumours: http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/discuss/social+bullying+es

Interrupt Bullying: http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/discuss/verbal+bullying+es

Be a Good Person: http://www.bystanderrevolution.org/discuss/social+bullying+es


1) Have everyone spread out. Raise your hand if you think you may have bullied someone before. Raise your hand if you feel like you've been bullied by someone else before.

2)Can you think of a time when you saw something happen you knew was wrong but you didn’t do anything about it?
What are some reasons you might not help when you see someone being bullied?

Watch: What one person can do to help

3) Watch: Anyone Can Change

How did you feel watching the video about people who used to bully others? Did it change how you think about people who bully?
Can you remember a time when you realized something you were doing was wrong?
How can bullying be like a chain reaction? What could a cycle of bullying be?
Do you think talking to the person who’s bullying is a good strategy? Why or why not?

4) Watch: Question Rumours

How is it bullying to spread a rumor about someone?
What are examples of things you can do when you hear a rumor about someone?
Why do you think someone would bully their friends?
If you are uncomfortable with how your friends treat you, what are examples of things you can do about it?

5) Watch: Interrupt Bullying

Why do some people make fun of others or call them hurtful names?
Why is it important to say something when people use language you believe is hurtful?
Why is it important to go up to someone after they’ve been bullied and show them kindness?
What are examples of things you can say to someone after they’ve been verbally bullied?

6) Watch: Be a good person


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