GGNZ - Safety at Camp Dominoes

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A dominoes game to remind about safety at camps

- Supported by GGNZ National Programme Team


Attached sheet should be printed off on card (or on paper and then laminated) - one set for each group of 4 girls. If you print each set on a different colour paper/card it makes it easier to keep each set together. Cut out dominoes.


This is best played in groups of four. Place one card face up in the playing area. Shuffle the remaining cards and divide them evenly between players. Take it in turns to see if you can match either end of the card on the table with the cards you are holding (“start” can be matched with “finish” and the cards can then be looped up to make a square/rectangle so that the person with the “start” and “finish” cards are not always going to be last to finish).


  • Activities indoors
  • Camp Safety
  • Dominoes
  • Outdoor Basics

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