Four Corner Pick Up Game

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A running around game for four Cubs or teams of Cubs that can be played in a hall


Pegs (upto 6)


- Split the scouts into 4 equal groups and put them into the 4 corners of the room.
- Place 1 chair in each corner in front of the teams.
- Put 4 pegs in the centre of the room.
- If more than 1 Cub in each team then ensure that the teams are numbered.
- If more than one Cub in each team the leader calls out a number, that person from each team comes forward and tries to collect pegs from the middle of the room and place them on there teams chair.
- Once all the pegs from the centre of the room have been taken they may go to the chair of one of the other teams and take a peg.
- They must place all pegs on there chair and not throw them if that happens the peg is places in the middle of the room as a free for all by a leader.
- A team must get 3 pegs on their chair to win.
- If the game is going on too long, add more pegs to make it easier for a team to get 3



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