Target Ball

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Team game where each team tries to knock a ball into the other teams area using smaller balls


- a number of tennis balls evenly separated between the two
- 1 larger ball (e.g. a sponge ball, or plastic football)


Rules of Game :-
- no team member may cross the baseline.
- the larger ball must not be touched by any team members.
- no tennis balls must be thrown at the other team.
- both teams start with the same number of tennis balls.
- the larger ball starts in the centre.

Description of Game :-
Two teams are situated behind the baseline at opposite ends of the
hall. The larger ball is placed on the floor between the two
baselines. When the whistle is blown both teams attempt to knock
the larger ball, with the tennis balls over the other teams line. The
leaders collect the balls between the baselines, and return them to a
team. When this happens a point is awarded to the successful team,
and the larger ball is returned to the centre.


  • Game, team, ball

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