Crystal Palace Wide Game

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A wide game loosely based on the girls who attended the Crystal Palace Scout Rally in 1908 and asked if they could be Scouts too.


Staves (solid broomsticks or bamboo pieces about the height of the girls)
Bandages - ankle or triangle
Lashing cord
Signs for railway stations
Pictures of the original Scout patrol emblems


Girl needs to choose a staff each from the sticks provided, draw a patrol emblem and attach it to their patrol leader staff, and gather knotting cord, bandages and raincoats to take with them. When they ready they follow the signs.

Depending on the number of patrols you may want to arrange it so they visit the stations in a different order for each patrol.

Stations include:
bandaging the ankle of a patrol member and making a stretcher from their raincoats and staves to carry her
creating an entertainment using their staves to earn a train ticket or some ointment for the ankle
lashing staves together to create a stick long enough to knock a wasp's nest down from the station eaves (or rescue a hat or...)
sneaking past the Young Women's Modesty League to get into Crystal palace.

Add a full uniform inspection at the beginning, explain what used to be included - clean fingernails, hair tied back, polished badge and shoes, all the things a Guide was expected to carry in her pockets.
At the beginning show them how to tie a Guide tie from a triangular scarf - which means they then have bandages with them.
Dress up a leader as BP and have them act out asking him about being Scouts. What would they say to him?

Adapted from:


  • crystal palace
  • Girl scouts
  • guiding history
  • how Guiding began
  • stalking
  • staves
  • west country whipping
  • whipping
  • wide game

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