Doggie Doggie Game

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Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Item to represent a bone - bean bag or laminated bone shape or rolled up sock


Girls sit on the floor in a circle. One girl is the dog and kneels in the middle of the circle, covering her eyes. A ‘bone’ is placed on her back – this could be a bean bag, laminated paper bone, rolled up sock… One girl from the circle is chosen to creep in and take the bone and creep back to her spot and sit with the bone behind her back.
Everyone chants “Doggie, doggie, who’s got your bone? Someone’s taken it from your home” when the chant is finished the dog sits up and tries to guess which pippin took the bone. If she can guess the girls swap places. If not she can have another turn.


  • Dog safety
  • Stealth

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