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Man hunt of bandit over a wide area. Get the perpetrator to a specific location




(a) General. This morning at Royston bandits raided a jeweler's shop in the High Street, and made off for the open country. The police gave chase, and found the cars abandoned at up in Therfield Forest. They have drawn a cordon round the area in which the men have taken refuge and the Troop has been asked to help in the search.

(b) Detailed. (Each Patrol will receive instructions after the following fashion.)

Your Patrol is to search the area between on the Heath (define boundaries). The man you are after answers to the following description:

"Height: 5 feet 8 inches.

"Hair: Dark and scanty.

"Eyes: Blue. Clean shaven.

"Clothing: Brown tweed cap; brown shoes; light brown stockings; brown tweed coat; khaki breeches; white shirt with soft white collar and black tie."

Bring the man to ____. In any case assemble there at 11:00 A.M.

Comments. A game capable of many variations. If possible one or two other people should be wandering about the area who are in the know so that Scouts have to use their eyes carefully before challenging the suspect.


  • man hunt
  • Tracking
  • wide game

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