Sheriff Game

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Quick-fire game that involves everyone.


Large-ish space


The group (the 'Outlaws') gather in a circle around the Leader (the 'Sheriff'), with some space (roughly an arm's length) between them. Everyone forms both hands into a 'gun' shape, with fingers pointing outwards.
The Leader explains the rules, as follows:
- when the Leader points to someone in the circle and shouts 'bang', that person must duck; if they don't duck, they've been shot, and are therefore out.
- then people on either side of the person who was shot at must quickly turn and 'shoot' each other, by pointing their 'guns' and shouting 'bang'. The last person to shoot loses, and is out.
- anyone who is 'out' must sit down in their place.
- as the game goees on, and more people are out, the person to each member's sides will change; they must keep up, or they'll quickly be out too!

When you're down to about 5 players, ask those who are out to shuffle backwards, and those who are in to move inwards to form a tighter circle. Then, continue the game as before, until only 2 players are left 'in'.

Now, everyone who is out must move to the side of the room, and the 2 remaining players must stand in the middle of the room, back-to-back.

The Leader counts upwards from one; each time a number is called, both player must take 1 step forward. When the leader shouts a number out of sequence (e.g. 1,2,3,5), the players must turn and shoot at each other. The quickest player to shoot is the winner!

If you play another round, the winner becomes the person ('Sheriff') in the middle.


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